Call for Papers

Submission Deadline Extended: May 22, 2022

UPDATE: We have extended the paper submission deadline and added an online presentation option for those unable to attend in person.

Papers should be related to the theme of the conference, broadly construed. For example, we will happily receive papers on:

    • the problem of evil (generally)

    • questions pertaining to the concepts of “evil,” “suffering,” and “God” (or divinity) insofar as they shape various theodicies

    • the problem of hell — eternal or otherwise

    • metaphysical questions as they apply to such topics as animal suffering, human death, or the reality of human disability

    • metaethical questions pertaining to the nature of evil itself

    • the history of philosophy dealing with a particular era or thinker’s approach to the question of evil.

Papers should not exceed 3,000 words in length and should be accompanied by a 150-word abstract. Please prepare papers for blind review.

Submission Deadline Extended:
May 22, 2022

Questions and submissions should be sent to

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